Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 4: A new start

On February 9th, I will be starting my new position at Duke Hospital. I will be updating the software that provides the doctors a summary page view of a patient's vitals, recent lab results, and other crucial information with the option to "zoom in" on a given dataset or increase the timespace to twenty four hours, or three months, etc.

This is a crucial application that helps doctors and other healthcare professionals save lives and increase quality of life for their patients. I am proud that I will be part of this team of two contractors with one mentor from the regular IT staff.

At the same time, it's bittersweet leaving Microsoft in the middle of a product release cycle. There were so many more tasks to complete and improvements to make that now may be left incomplete as my team is down on pair of hands. I'm sure they'll get by, but I will miss them.

Changing jobs is never easy. I hope in this blog to track my path toward a gruntled and combobulated place in my work life, and maybe find a little inner zen along the way.

Also, did you ever notice that "combobulated" sounds like "I'm hanging out with a guy name Bob until the wee hours of the morning"?