Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Conversion excursion

My team's applications rely on a large array of assemblies, some C++, some VB6, and some C#. The front end is largely a web site that is a mix of ASP and ASP.NET. We also have some Windows services - mostly C++ with a few newer ones in C#. A few of the C# assemblies are COM enabled to be usable from the C++/VB code, ASP pages, and services while others are only used by the ASP.NET.

We're trying to migrate away from the VB6 code so I helped compile a list of which of the assemblies are in use by which other components. Our first pass will be to perform a direct port with COM wrappers so existing code can simply point at the new object with no API or behavior change. As we do so, we'll make a note of places where we think there are existing bugs or room for performance improvements.

Have you ever performed a massive migration or upgrade? How did your team go about it? What pitfalls did you encounter as you went? With the one assembly we've ported so far, we found that trying to fix bugs at the same time as we migrated to the new code caused many more issues than it solved.

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